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 Hello from Keithian/Keethian

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PostSubject: Hello from Keithian/Keethian   Hello from Keithian/Keethian Icon_minitimeWed Dec 31, 2008 1:11 pm

Very Happy

I just wanted to introduce myself to the guild. I just started the game last night after it taking FOREVER to download before that lol, and so far Im lovin what I see. My online gaming experience in this order was WOW, EQ2, LOFTRO, Vanguard..and now I am playing Warhammer online (since september) and now this. In WOW, I was an Elder in the guild and everyone called me father (even people much older then me lol). I was also an officer in LOFTRO and in Warhammer. You look like you have enough people already so it will be nice not to have that burden on me as I learn the game Very Happy I decided to try this game because I read that things have improved drastically since Launch and I really miss the sense of family/community that is lacking in Warhammer even though I enjoy the PVP scenarios that the game offers (my first time in a game playing PVP). Anyway, everyone last night was very friendly and welcoming and Im really looking forward to hopefully making a friend or two in the guild and getting to know all of you. I live in Pasadena California (Los Angeles County) literally right next to the Rose Bowl Parade that will be on TV tomorrow hehe. I usually play after work during the week (around 9pm Pacific Time) and sporadically any time on the weekend. I expect to play this more then Warhammer as I already reached end game in Warhammer and am feelings its getting monotonous and I have no real desire to start a new character. Anyway, hopefully some of you like teaming up in small groups or have alts that like to group together, because I love that sort of thing. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE :-)
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Hello from Keithian/Keethian
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