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 Level 80 Class Armor Sets

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PostSubject: Level 80 Class Armor Sets   Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:21 am

~80th Level Dungeon Armor Sets~

~Assassin - Widowdusk~
Widowdusk Tunic - Onyx Chambers (Issa the Heartless)
Widowdusk Fauld - Onyx Chambers (Grinder)
Widowdusk Padsoles - Atzel's Fortress (Amunhoten)
Widowdusk Mitts - Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Widowdusk Sash - Onyx Chambers (Akhita the Reveler)
Widowdusk Armbands - Onyx Chambers (Vahaben the Disemboweled)
Widowdusk Bracers - Caravan Raider's Hideout (Jathred the Life Drinker)
Widowdusk Hood - Onyx Chambers (Nefru)

~Barbarian - Goremonger~
Goremonger Jerkin - Onyx Chambers (Suthotun the Strangled)
Goremonger Tasset - ???
Goremonger Boots - Atzel's Fortress (Lieutenant Ulf)
Goremonger Gauntlets - Onyx Chambers (Wenric Grom)
Goremonger Girdle - Onyx Chambers (Phartaris the Wrath)
Goremonger Armbands - Caravan Raider's Hideout (Sethick Bloodblade)
Goremonger Bracers - Onyx Chambers (Razorgrin)
Goremonger Helm - Onyx Chambers (Vahaben the Disemboweled)

~Bear Shaman - Strifescar~
Strifescar Jerkin - Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Strifescar Tasset - Atzel's Fortress (Lieutenant Ulf)
Strifescar Boots - Onyx Chambers (Seti Anok the Flayed))
Strifescar Gauntlets - Caravan Raider's Hideout (Medjian the Unholy)
Strifescar Girdle - Atzel's Fortress (Osithmes)
Strifescar Armbands - Atzel's Fortress (Talon the Spymaster)
Strifescar Bracers - Onyx Chambers (Harrowmane)
Strifescar Helm - Caravan Raider's Hideout (Varl the Wrathful)

~Conqureor - Warglory~
Warglory Chestguard - Onyx Chambers (Issa the Heartless)
Warglory Tasset - Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Warglory Boots - Onyx Chambers (Nur-Hotep the Slaughtered)
Warglory Gauntlets - Onyx Chambers (Crushgore)
Warglory Girdle - Onyx Chambers (Phartaris the Wrath)
Warglory Armbands - Atzel's Fortress (The Widow)
Warglory Vambraces - Onyx Chambers (Black Ring Slave Mistress)
Warglory Helm - Onyx Chambers (Sadiq the Ancient)

~Dark Templar - Bloodseraph~
Bloodseraph Chestguard - Atzel's Fortress (King Atzel the Nithing)
Bloodseraph Tasset - Onyx Chambers (Akhita the Reveler)
Bloodseraph Boots - Onyx Chambers (Neifer-Tali the Terror)
Bloodseraph Gauntlets - Caravan Raider's Hideout (Prince Abaddon)
Bloodseraph Girdle - Onyx Chambers (Wenric Grom)
Bloodseraph Armguards - Onyx Chambers (Mekhtep the Scourged)
Bloodseraph Vambraces - Onyx Chambers (Wreckbone)
Bloodseraph Helm - Onyx Chambers (Tormentor)

~Demonologist - Blacksulphur~
Blacksulphur Robe - Atzel's Fortress (Lieutenant Ulf)
Blacksulphur Pants - Onyx Chambers (Wrathclaw)
Blacksulphur Slippers - Atzel's Fortress (Rorik the Ghost)
Blacksulphur Gloves - Onyx Chambers (Sadiq the Ancient)
Blacksulphur Sash - Atzel's Fortress (Rorik the Ghost)
Blacksulphur Armbands - Onyx Chambers (Akhtitut the Immolated)
Blacksulphur Wristbands - Onyx Chambers (Saadeth the Sacrificed)
Blacksulphur Circlet - Onyx Chambers (Suthotun the Strangled)

~Guardian - Steelspirit~
Steelspirit Chestguard - Atzel's Fortress (Brokk the Smith)
Steelspirit Tasset - Caravan Raider's Hideout (Prince Abaddon)
Steelspirit Boots - Onyx Chambers (Grinder)
Steelspirit Gauntlets - Onyx Chambers (Phartaris the Wrath)
Steelspirit Girdle - Onyx Chambers (Akhtitut the Immolated))
Steelspirit Armguards - Onyx Chambers (Black Ring Bane Master)
Steelspirit Vambraces - Onyx Chambers (Undying Scicon)
Steelspirit Helm - Onyx Chambers (Nefer-Tali the Terror)

~Herald of Xotli - Bloodseer~
Bloodseer Tunic - Atzel's Fortress (Osithmes)
Bloodseer Tasset - Onyx Chambers (Undying Scicon)
Bloodseer Boots - Onyx Chambers (Saadeth the Sacrificed)
Bloodseer Gauntlets - Onyx Chambers (Kesh)
Bloodseer Sash - Onyx Chambers (Jaleel the Scirocco)
Bloodseer Armbands - Atzel's Fortress (Menhotep)
Bloodseer Bracers - Onyx Chambers (Wreckbone)
Bloodseer Cowl - Onyx Chambers (Black Ring Slave Mistress)

~Necromancer - Nihilistic~
Nihilistic Robe - Atzel's Fortress (Amunhoten)
Nihilistic Pants - Atzel's Fortress (Awar)
Nihilistic Slippers - Atzel's Fortress (King Atzel the Nithing)
Nihilistic Gloves - Onyx Chambers (Grudgemaul)
Nihilistic Sash - Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Nihilistic Armbands - Onyx Chambers (Atum-Teti)
Nihilistic Wristbands - Onyx Chambers (Kamu-Hoten the Stoned)
Nihilistic Cowl - Onyx Chambers (Kesh)

~Priest of Mitra - Exaltate~
Exaltate Jerkin - Caravan Raider's Hideout (Prince Abaddon)
Exaltate Tasset - Caravan Raider's Hideout (Jathred the Life Drinker)
Exaltate Boots - Atzel's Fortress (Menhotep)
Exaltate Gauntlets - Onyx Chambers (Nur-Hotep the Slaughtered)
Exaltate Girdle - Onyx Chambers (Saadeth the Sacrificed)
Exaltate Armbands - Onyx Chambers (Atum-Teti)
Exaltate Bracers - Onyx Chambers (Wrathclaw)
Exaltate Helm - Onyx Chambers (Farseer)

~Ranger - Wildstrider~
Wildstrider Jerkin - Atzel's Fortress (Lord Suth)
Wildstrider Tasset - Onyx Chambers (Blackroar)
Wildstrider Boots - Onyx Chambers (Grudgemaul)
Wildstrider Gauntlets - Onyx Chambers (Tramplerage)
Wildstrider Girdle - Onyx Chambers (Jaleel the Scirocco)
Wildstrider Armbands - Onyx Chambers (Kamu-Hoten the Stoned)
Wildstrider Bracers - Atzel's Fortress (Tainmic)
Wildstrider Helm - Onyx Chambers (Skull Splitter)

~Tempent of Set - Skyshear~
Skyshear Jerkin - Onyx Chambers (Seti-Anok the Flayed)
Skyshear Tasset - Atzel's Fortress (Talon the Spymaster)
Skyshear Boots - Onyx Chambers (Razorgrin)
Skyshear Gauntlets - Onyx Chambers (Neftummon)
Skyshear Girdle - Onyx Chambers (Talimes the Rotten)
Skyshear Armbands - Onyx Chambers (Wrathclaw)
Skyshear Bracers - Onyx Chambers (Redtooth)
Skyshear Helm - Onyx Chambers (Ripjaw)
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Level 80 Class Armor Sets
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