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 Nice to meet ya

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PostSubject: Nice to meet ya   Nice to meet ya Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2009 8:45 am

Hey guys,

I figured I'd post a hello and some background.

Age: 22

Timezone: MST but varies (I live in AZ and we donít do the whole daylight savings thing)

Previous MMO Experience:
Everquest Ė I played everquest for 4 years. I started when I was 12 or 13 and had Alt-o-holism I had 12 characters across 3 servers none of them over level 50. The main reason I played EQ originally was a cheap way for my family to communicate with my brother while he was in the military then I got hooked on MMOs.

DAoC Ė I played DAoC for 4 years. My brother and I started playing it not long after he got back from the military. This is when I started to focus on the game I was playing. I had 3 characters across 2 accounts. I had a druid on one account who acted as a buff-bot for me and my brother. On the same account I had an Animist. For those of you unfamiliar with DAoC, Anamists controlled giant mushrooms that fought for them. There were melee ones, tank ones, magic ones and several utility ones. I primarily used the animist for tower and castle sieges. Often myself and another animist would guard the door once it was broken down to prevent re-enforcements from stopping the siege group from capping the tower or castle.

My third character was a Ranger who was specially designed to work with my brotherís Nightshade. Even though Rangers are supposed to be master bowmen I put 0 points into my bow skill. There is a reason for this. DAoC also incorporated Master Levels and instead of going down the ranged ML, I went down the battle master level so I would be stronger at melee combat. Because I had no bow skill I was able to specialize in both piercing and slashing weapons instead of just one which increased my chances of dealing high damage against any opponent. The third thing I did was learn stealthing to a level that most would never waste their points doing. The reason for this is that I could spot other stealthers from a much farther distance than normal. My brother and I used this to hunt down stealth teams in our territory. I would let him know where they were and he would engage them. Once engaged I would join the frey and body-guard him. While using this ability he took 0 melee damage as long as he didnít move and I was alive. We were a deadly anti-stealth team.

I also was a member of a guild who was able to control the central keep for 6 months straight because we were so large with people from so many different time zones that no matter when someone tried to siege it we had defenders available. The guild was ďRuinsĒ for those of you who might have heard of us from the Lancelot server.

WoW Ė This is the current game I am enjoying and have done so for the last 3 years. Durring vanilla wow I was a Hunter and was able to only taste PVE Raiding before I lost my account to a hacker and was unable to get Blizzard to restore it. Once Burning Crusades came out I returned and played a paladin. Durring BC I was one of our guilds 4 progression tanks. I enjoyed tanking a lot. Once WotLK came out I regeared my paladin and became one of our guilds progression healers. Durring the non-progression raids I have also worked up a set of gear for DPS and Tanking again so now I spec to fill the role that is required for the raid I attend. I am a team player and would rather do something I may enjoy a little less to increase the chances of the teamís success.

Additional Notes: Iím 22 years old and a full time computer programmer. I also attend school part time. I am on summer break but will be attending school Monday and Wednesday nights once it starts up again. Any other questions I will be glad to answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Nice to meet ya   Nice to meet ya Icon_minitimeTue Jun 16, 2009 6:54 am

Redtear here. (Not a member... yet.)

Ohh I like this hello post. This is a lot better than mine.

Where is the quote feature here... hmm

Quote :
I am a team player and would rather do something I may enjoy a little less to increase the chances of the teamís success.

Right on! Lots of emoticons get placed here due to my huge love of this statement.

(By the way Age: 31. Not that age matters at all.)

Some funny things with these games. Twice in this last week I have sworn I knew someone from before. I may have even been right. Not that I get that feeling with you Prodigyx, it is the irony of the game.

I started playing MUDs (That is what we used to call them as you probibly know. Multi User Domain. However this website is a MUD so that acronym died back when Ultima Online came out. I still call MMOLRPGs MUD.) when I was 12 also. Text based stuff. Loved it. I always looked a lot older for my age. When I was 12 I could pass for a collage student. Part of that was I was 5'11" and also just how I carried my self. So I would go to the collage computer lab and back then everything was green screens and text. So as long as you were mature no one would even look over your shoulder to check what project you were working on. I lived in that lab for a while. (TMI back to about you:)

I started EQ one the 4th day. So many people would tell me, "You can't say you started on launch." Haha I laugh at that now. I still remember getting jumped by texture tears that turned out to be Hill Giants. Oh and the lovely literal 20min load times for zoning. (The list goes on and on.)

Crazy on the Alt note with EQ. I don't alt. That started with me in EQ. Prior to that you could ramp characters up fast in levels. It took so long to level a toon, people would say, my alt and I would say, "Are you crazy!" But I had a few good friends who did so understood wanting to experiance more of the game. In my intro I explaine that I am going alt crazy with Conan and loving it! Hello my name is Redtear and I too am a alt-0-holic. Would have swore I never could admit that.

I had DAoC running an hour from launch. (Then a full day of getting in, crashing, server freeze, etc... rince & repeat)

I had a problem with the fact that they relesed far to early. Every game does but this game is a massive PvP gear heavy game when one of the realms did not even have level 30 gear or content when one side had level 50 gear out. We were cremated.
What was that race based loosely off of Irish Fey? I was one of those people. Irony about DAoC and EQ and this and all: In EQ it drove me nuts that little boys would play elves naked begging for gold. It was ubserdly common because back then MUDs were fresh for lots of people. Most of the people I ran into it was there first time. Rare for people to know what UO or Dyku/Hopper is. (I am a man in RL.) DAoC was the first time I made a female toon, this was only because the best healers were that ugly half-giant type race and I hatted the avatars for the men. Have not played a femail until this game. Infact my main is a femail. (It was not the boobs honest! Really I just got over caring. The MUD comunity has moved on.) Anyhow brought up some good memories with DAoC. Wish I stuck with it longer. I like hearing your different takes on the classes. I did pretty good my self as leading anti stealth. But I was and we all were noobs at that time. So I can't say I knew anything at all.

Oh keeping that keep. Impressive!

The other thing, my biggest connection with my brother is through these games. Funny and I don't know if I should be saying this: back way in the day he thought he "sucked" at video games. It was just because he did not play them. I got him starting to game with EQ (and there was some other game prior but don't remember what.) He is a master. He is amazing and super fast and super cool and always rocks. If we happen to join this guild I should not say anything about him. Let people have their own first impressions. Oh well. I just like the brother link.


Sorry about loosing your acount in WoW. Glad you came over to Conan. There are a lot of things I love about this game WoW just does not deliver. Even though I do really love WoW. (And visa versa honestly.) Dig that you are a programer. My best friends father was one of the original people to start up Brouderbund (I think I missspelled that and I deserve to be kicked.) so programers have a soft place in my heart. Very Happy
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Nice to meet ya
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