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 Hello from Jezalun

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PostSubject: Hello from Jezalun   Hello from Jezalun Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 11:21 am

At least I think Jezalun is my toon name lol. Most if not all my toon names will start with Jeza or Jez at least. My choice is Jezabel – but in an established game that is usually taken.

Just started this game a few days ago - took advantage of the 9.95 + 1 month on Steam. I am very curious to see where the game goes and how pvp works in ‘reality’. Reality often being much different than what the developers intend.

I have been playing mmorpgs since eq1 which I played for 3 1/2 years of my life. It became a second job - and an addiction, which I worked hard to break. I still enjoy games - but I am determined not to make it a 'must get home and get on' type thing. I want it to be fun and an enjoyable way to pass my free time.

I have played most all mmorpgs - I usually don’t play the pvp ones – but ended up playing Warhammer On Line and really enjoyed it for quite a while. Still play it now and again. I also end up going back to EQ2 often. So right now I am playing 3 games. – WAR, EQ2, and now AOC. Will be a 4th – Overlord2 – when that comes out. I love Overlord for some reason. I may disappear for a while on that one Smile.

I play with my husband mostly – we met on line on EQ. We have been playing together for over 10 years. If this guild works out to be what we like – I expect he’ll join it as well.

I am a real life woman - so am looking for a friendly - adult - family guild. This guild seems so HUGE on the face hard to tell what type it is, I just joined when someone gave me a friendly hello and asked if I wanted to join – such a nice way to do it rather than spamming guild invites blind. And obviously it is working for you J.

I still haven’t seen a guild interface in the game – and I guess we have a guild house or something? I would love to see that.

I read that in order to advance in the guild I have to donate items. I know I have been getting an item called copper or bronze something – and just been vendor selling it. I’ll check if that is the item and will start hanging on to them. As in all games is difficult to know what loot is vendor trash – and what is worth keeping.

The one thing I don’t like doing – especially the first time through a game – is power leveling. To me the game is all about the journey – not the end result of lvl 80 (or whatever). I am perfectly happy spending my time questing and leveling up as the ‘natural’ path of the game leads you to level up.

First impressions of the game:

1. seems so far like a very nice rpg – I don’t play many rpg’s but this one I do like.

2. Not sure about the pvp at lvl 20. from what I am reading in chat this sever doesn’t have much pvp. Which for ME is ok – I do prefer pve – but am wiling to give pvp a shot.

3. Making alt toons I expect would be really tiring after the first couple. Having only 1 starting area – while the night time quest is a bit different for each class – just doesn’t seem to have much ‘repeat’ quality to it. I expect if it is all only about leveling you learn how to level fast.

Is there any write up of tips and tools for new players? I would be interested in reading one if there is.

How many characters are you allowed?

My chat in guild will come and go – most times especially in the early days – I am just to busy playing the game to be chatting J. I do hope to group up with folks when I am on the game for any length of time. Most week nights I am only on for an hour or so – so would rather just do my own thing – but I do also play pretty long hours on the weekends .. so will group then J.

So.. HELLO EVERONE! Nice to meet ya all. flower
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Hello from Jezalun
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