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 A whole new ball of wax (gems!)

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PostSubject: A whole new ball of wax (gems!)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 7:05 pm

1.05 has changed the whole enchilada for gems.
They are supposed to be "improved" so we will see.
NO more purple and orange gems
still by tier
6 colors per tier
level 40 is tier 5 by the way
level 50 is tier 6
level 60 is tier 7
level 70 is tier 8
level 75 is tier 9
level 80 is tier 10

the gems will have mostly new names
there will not be flawless and uncut only uncut
IN a future patch there will be rare gems dropped form bosses and raids
alchemists will be able to bust gems into lower level gems
all gems you have now should "convert"
socketed gems will not convert
colored sockets will be in place on the new gear changes (similar to wow)
NOw the only thing i need to know is what the heck is gem solvent and where do it get it?

Zugs is a full service gemcutter/alchemist still trying to get recipes for other crafted components need help farming for those if anyone has spare tiem on their hands. See you on the flip side
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PostSubject: Re: A whole new ball of wax (gems!)   Wed Jun 24, 2009 7:42 am

Great info...thanks!

I think you can get 'gem solvent' at your local hardward store. cyclops

Thotholyte, FoS Second-in-Command
"Never give up, never give up, never, never, never...never give up!!" -Winston Churchill, when times looked darkest.
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PostSubject: Gem SOlvent   Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:55 am

The solvent is from a recipe that is a rare drop especially since the patch it seems. It drops in Xibaluku it is lLayer Bound on pick up and it is an ALCHEMIST recipe. So a player that is an alchemist has to pick it up. Its called Tainted Alkahest. It requires Ebon Venom to make as well as Aqua Regia. This is the reason the potions are so costly on the Trader. I have a friend that can make it if anyone wants it to use let me know.

The problem I see with recipes in generals is that 1st they are scarce and second people get gold coins in their eyes when they see them so they need on it out of genuine greed without first seeing that its SOULBOUND. This means those that can actually use them don't get the recipe on many occasions.

I have the recipes for Bronze, Corinthiacum Decorative Zircite, Hepatizon, and Billon. These are parts needed for Culture armor. If anyone needs le me know and get the materials and I"ll whip some up for you in my laboratory. I am also a weaver but I cannot make any of the dropped cloth recipes yet. Same is with the skinner rares. I would like to farm for some of the recipes as well as the new ones that were released for gems and the alchemy transformation recipe.
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PostSubject: Re: A whole new ball of wax (gems!)   

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A whole new ball of wax (gems!)
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