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 It was about time

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PostSubject: It was about time   It was about time Icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 4:41 am

I actually got to make my hello post, many of you might know me from movies such as "The thing" and the episode of x-files featured in Norway with Mulder and Scully getting help from a local fisherman called Trondheim. Or not, since i made it all up apart from the movies and the episode.

I'm from Norway, the land of eternal frost, exept from 2 weeks, usually not 2 continual weeks with sunshine and weather that allows atleast us northerners to pull out our shorts and t-shirts, I'm 28 years old on july 11th and now that you all know that your of course obliged to remember that and congratulate me on saturday. Now that we have the formalities done with..

I've been with you a week or 4 now, cant really remember, time flies by with a guild with all you great people, many of you i havent met, but thats because I play at strange times for you guys, but on weekends i hope to get to know more good people.

Gotta admit, I've always been skeptical to huge guilds, but I did some solid background checks and basicly FoS seemed right on paper and I'm really happy to say that by far, this is one of the best guilds I've been with Cool

I have a pretty long track record of playing MMO's, I first encountered it playing EQ at my buds house some 12 years ago or so, heh. Tried alot of the games out there, but the only games i could stick with for an extended period of time was SWG (the golden days), CoH/CoV and Autoassault. I used to spend alot of time beta testing and such, but i just dont have time for that anymore so now i play more for fun and to escape a hectic workplace.

I'm a gigantic Robert E Howard fan, i have just about everything ever written and a 95% complete collection of comics. So you might notice me making a lore joke now and then so I guess I can be a geek like that rabbit Just laugh and pretend I'm funny and I'll be your friend forever. hehe

You guys rock and I hope I'll be rocking with ya for some time into the future. Dont hesitate to ask me for help or assistance, I'm usually more then willing to help out a fellow guildie if need be.

Dang, this got sorta long

Capulus your friendly neighbourhood stabby Sin

ps: my english grammar may or may not be good

pps: I also play the Barb Rutilius
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It was about time
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