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 Hello, i forgot to make this earlier

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PostSubject: Hello, i forgot to make this earlier   Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:54 pm

forgot to make a post here when i first joined, so ill just do it now. My first character was Dokrak (no, it doesnt mean what it sounds like, it was a name i was given when i played runescape for the fremmenik trials quest), a conqueror that is now level 53, but i am currently playing Dontkrak the most. My other alts include Didkrak, Doeskrak, and prety much any other name you notice that ends with krak and most likely starts with a D. My typing isnt that great, my spelling is terrible, and so is my grammar (physics major, what do you expect?) so sorry if it bugs anyone. This is the first guild ive been in, and i joined while still on Tortage with my first character, just got lucky i guess. I have played MMO's for a few years now, starting with Runescape, then Guild Wars, then runescape again, then World of Warcraft, then runescape again (runescape was a prety good inbetween game). I was prety good in all of them, so hopefully i can be just as good here once i get used to it (ive always been more of an end gamer). I could bore you with a few boasts from the games, but this post is long enough. The end.
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Hello, i forgot to make this earlier
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