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 Hey There. New arrival here

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PostSubject: Hey There. New arrival here   Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:13 am

Hey everyone.

I've been in the guild for about a week now and thought I should do a bit of a introduction.
(** NOTE: This has ended up being way way too long sorry lol)

My characters in the game are:
Jaynsa - DT
Itzama - Barb
Itxama - PoM
and a few variations off of Itzama.

I came back to AoC with the 14 day re-trial and loved it. tbh, I liked it the first time I played it at launch but was in a crossover EQ2 guild and not enough people came over to make it work. Without a guild I felt I was playing a solo game and eventually gave it up and went back to EQ2 full time.

I am a self confessed mmo junky. I spend a lot of time playing mmos and have played a few different ones to level cap or just shy of level cap. I currently still raid occasionally in EQ2 but have been taking a break from it until the next big content update in September. I was in a "rardcore" avatar guild in EQ2 but got burned out with the heavy schedule, call list, and beating our heads against the wall on the raid content (which is very unforgiving).
Last month I went to the SOE fanfaire in Vegas with 12 of my EQ2 guildmates from around NA and we had a blast.
I've also played WoW, WAR, LOTRO, and EQ extensively. I really enjoy examining all of the game mechanics in mmos and deciding what I do and don't like about various games.
I've also spent a lot of time analyzing why certain things are the way they are in different MMOs. You will sometimes see me write something in /gu regarding a comment someone makes about content/nerfs. You might /boggle at the comment sometimes but if you ask I will usually have a explanation behind it.

To me, what AoC represents is a change. It has the most different combat mechanic of the MMOs I have played and the level of difficulty seems to be there if you want to look for it. FoS has added a lot to the game for me with people to talk to, answer my unending questions, and form groups with. Rest assured though for every stupid question that I ask in /gu I will answer 10 of them once I become more familiar with the game. I am always about helping people, not spoon feeding, helping.

As for myself, I have a nearly 8 year old son, and a ex-wife. I live in Winnipeg, Canada, and have worked in few different countries in the garment wet finishing field. I'll be starting a new job as a Merchandiser for a large clothing label in early August.
I don't sleep enough, drink too much caffeine, and think that any meal that takes more than 5 minutes of preparation time isn't worth cooking. About a year ago I realized that I never drank anything that didn't have either caffeine or alcohol in it and have tried to be a bit more responsible since then.
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Hey There. New arrival here
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