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 Role of the Conq in a group

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PostSubject: Role of the Conq in a group   Sun Oct 05, 2008 7:19 am

Let me start off by saying I'm not trying to start any arguments, prove anybody right or wrong, or set in stone the job of a Conqueror in a group. I'm just trying to help group leaders know what to expect and how to use a conqueror to their fullest. I'm currently a lvl 60 conqueror using a "BRUTE" build that is slanted towards pvp.

My build is somewhat based on a build you can find here http://www.conanarmory.com/feat.aspx?id=4#::f28e4fe2fe4fef5e4fe4fef3cfef2e2f2ef2 . I have adjusted some feats not all that many to be honest this build actually suits my play style quite well and for me really excels when I'm soloing. I would tell you to really look this over before you really start developing your own build to suite your playstyle and what you want to do with your chacter.

From the experience I have found so far in groups many people feel that a Conq is just another tank and to some extent that can be true. Tanking with a Conq is doable but in my opinion the spear head tanking is better left to a guardian. Tanking as a Conqueror is tough ,not impossible but remember we don't use shields, and we are limited to heavy armor. There are skills that can be used to tank a little more effectively but these skill also reduce my ability to hold an aggo... I can and have tanked but I give the healers a work out. If your looking for a all out long term dmg sponge look at one of the other soldier archtypes. When I play I like to back the guardian by helping pick up adds, dps, interrupting and buffing.

For those of you not familuar with what a conqueror can do they are a soldier archtype number one, they do however bring some pretty good buffs to a group that can include dmg, and mana-stamina-a little health(not a healer just a little boost) regen. This works based on where the other group members are located in relation to the conqueror(next to, behind, infront).

The best location for a Conqueror as far as buffs go in a fight is just behind/next to the tanks, and infront of the ranged/casters. From this location I can boost the dmg of the guardian, boost shield absorption, and a few other lttle tricks, boost the casters dmg,and help them with stamina/mana regen. It also allows me to pick up adds, from that spot I can boost my dmg while increasing my ablities to pull aggro even from the guardian as needed and bring some pretty good DPS to the group. I also allows me to move up and interrupt tougher npc's. I can continually interrupt about every 20 seconds or three times in succession with a 30 second cooldown.

I hope this helps some of you understand what we can do to help. We conquerors are a pretty versitale archtype we can do a little of everything... For those of you considering this archtype just remember your gonna be busy, really busy in a good group.. There have been times when I have done all I have mentioned in less than a 40 second fight .

Check back every so often as I plan to try and continue to add more to the post as I develop the charcter and hopefully this may help some of you avoid some of the pain and tribulations I have endured during my charcter development..

<The Following Added 10/05/08>

The biggest thing I'm experiencing as I increase levels is that more and more group leaders tend to want to place the conqueror in the roll of being a tank, PERIOD. Then being upset that they cannot fill this roll like a guardian.

The only other thing I'd like to add here is that I've heard that some players think that a conqueror can rezz. There is an ability however the conqueror has absolutely no control over it it happens automatically. The following is the full descriptions of all invloved skills I located on this wiki http://www.wikiaoc.com/Conqueror

Battle Resurrection

As the only class that can rez people mid-battle, the Conqueror can be an invaluable ally, each time a Conqueror's party members are hit near him, he gains a Furious Inspiration buff. Once the buff stacks ten times, he can rez each member of the party. This rez occurs automatically, and the individual party member now has a five minute cooldown before he can be rezzed by the Conqueror again.

Furious Inspiration
Furious Inspiration is an innate conqueror group ability (note : it does not appear in your character ability book).

Here is how it works :

Whenever a (non-conqueror) teammate receive damage (melee damage only?), the conqueror(s) gain a "Furious Inspiration" buff that stack up to 10 times.
Furious Inspiration buff it-self adds +2% damage per stack to the conqueror (so up to +20%).
Whenever you hit in melee, you have a chance to :
heal your group (requires you have 4 stacks at least, heals grow in power the more stacks you have)
resurrect fallen teammates (requires you have 10 stacks, can rez more than one fallen per proc, each teammate can't be target of this resurrection more than once per 5 minutes)
In addition two talents from the Carnage (dual-wield) tree, gets extra ability based on furious inspiration (e.g. increased offhand chance).

Since it requires a teammate to receive damage to gain stacks, this ability only works in group. However, the Angel of Fury talent in Brute tree, gives conqueror combos a chance to produce Furious Inspiration stacks too. Yet, the procrate is very small, and reaching 4 stacks is nearly impossible.

Furious Inspiration can benefit from talents : Improved Furious Inspiration from brute tree increases power of heals from Furious Inspiration.

Retrieved from http://www.wikiaoc.com/Furious_Inspiration

For conquerors you may just want to invest some points into "Improved Furious Inspiration" I think it would be at least a necessity to activate "Angle Fury" which will at least help with charging up Furious Inspitation a little faster.

I have one point in "Improved Furious Inspiration", I haven't put more into this feat for a couple simple reasons it is still unclear as to how much healing is actually done and if that healing is beneficial enough to make the feat point investment worth while. I also feel that I can bring more to the group by helping to boost DPS comparative to try and be a quasi group healer. This innate feat is never gonna put POM's and BS's out of buisness...

Yet another great reason to make sure the Conq stays alive!!!!

I'm currently approaching level 67 and the more I group the more annoying it is becomming. There are some really great groupleaders out there that know how to use this charcter but they are few.

To players looking at a conqueror:

I would say unless your experienced in grouping and are comfy leading your own teams, go guardian as most team leaders are going to demand that you play the tank roll. Hopefully as the game progresses and more people start raiding and strong groups become mandatory more people will learn to understand this charcter type.

May the fields of battle bring you fortune and fun!! http://www.wikiaoc.com/Conqueror

<The Following Added Oct 14, 2008>

Well after trying some higher level epic and being disapointed by my toons performance (of course Tanking again) I'm really starting to realize that while being aprenticed brings all you important stats up it still leaves you hanging when it comes to the critical feats you need to deal with those epic nasties. ( yeah I know this is kinda a DUH comment) I'm saying this to hopefully keep other players from getting discouraged.

I kept dieing left and right soo I starting paying really close attention to the numbers, I was playing in Atzels with a guildie group and realized why I was buying it.. I was taking dmage of 3500 to upwards of 5200 points of DMG per hit...

Without those great skills at the bottom of the tree that can defer that kinda dmg .... you can pretty much figure out the results. I also noticed that even when using frenzy with a 500+ taunt, and about another 40 points in bonus I was still struggling to pull an agro.(not that I was really wanting to LOL).

I'm really looking foreward to finally getting my tree filled out and picking up "overcome the odds" and "Blessed Conquest" will effect the defensive ablities of the conqueror. I know my DPS will be taking some strong jumps in the comming 13 levels.

I just really wish that the Conqueror had the ability to use a shield. I know that this would require a major rework of the Feat Tree but I would gladly switch to a Carnage tree and have the ability to dual weild or use a shield. That would really help with the tanking but then again I guess this would take away from what the type of toon is really supposed to be.

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PostSubject: Re: Role of the Conq in a group   Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:23 am

Good info, thank you. Like know what other jobs can/cant do, helps make my job easier/tougher.
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Role of the Conq in a group
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