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 Vendor Costs for Alchemy Items

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PostSubject: Vendor Costs for Alchemy Items   Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:29 pm

Hey all Smile

Here is a list of items that appear in a alchemists cache that are actually vendor items. They are listed in alpha order and have the current vendor price.

So if its on this list you can trash it, sell it on the trader because allot of people don't know you can buy it The ones that are expensive to buy are in bold font and really expensive are in red. By expensive I mean if you had to make a stack of 10 it could get pretty expensive.

Amber Honey - 10c 40t
Barley Wine - 8c
Black Brandy - 10c 40t
Black Oil - 31c 25t
Black Stout - 8c
Black Treacli - 1c
Black Acid Brew - 9c 15t
Bone Meal - 9c 15t
Brandy - 2c
Cinnamon - 1c
Cows Milk - 1c
Crystal Clear Water - 8c
Filtered Oil - 12c
Garlic Clove - 1c
Ginger - 1c
Ginseng - 1c
Ginseng Wine - 2c
Glacial Melt Water - 10c 40t
Gruit (no typo) Ale - 4c
Heart of Palm - 4c
Horse Radish - 1c
Impure Oil - 28c
Lemon Juice - 1c
Lemon Wine - 10c 40t
Mead - 8c
Melaleuca Oil - 28c
Mint - 1c
Mother of Vinegar - 9c 15t
Murry Oil - 6c
Nalafa Oil - 24c
Nutmeg - 1c
Oil of Sage - 8c
Rain Water - 2c
Rarified Wine - 10c 40t
Rich Brown Ale - 4c
Rosemary Oil - 1c
Saffron - 1c
Sage Solution - 1c
Sharp Apple Cider - 8c
Sour Goldwine - 4c
Spiced Rum - 4c
Sticky Sweet Syrup - 9c 15t
Sweet Water - 10c 40t
Ticture of Beramot - 8c
Ticture of Hawthorn - 4c
Ticture of Lavender - 9c 15t
Ticture of Licorice - 10c 40t
Ticture of Mint - 4c
Ticture of Sage - 8c
Tulsi Oil - 9c 15t
Vinegar - 1c
Weak Vitrol - 1c
White Rum - 10c 40t
Wold Lettuce Leaves - 1c
Wine - 2c
Winter Wine - 8c
Wormwood - 2c
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Vendor Costs for Alchemy Items
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