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 Waves to all the members of FoS

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PostSubject: Waves to all the members of FoS   Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:00 am

Hello everyone,

My toons in AoC are Vesty, lvl 33 Necro and Quenita, lvl 6 Conqueror. I am enjoying the Necro but so much to learn still. I did my first instance run into Black Castle and learned alot from it. But if there are any guildmates that need to run it, please let me know as I have like 5 quests in there still. Wink

I have been in the guild about a week now. I was trying to figure out how to get to the forums for a couple of days. <giggles>

I must say that has been fun. Watching the Silver Trivia challenge to the Random Gold giveaway, was so fun to watch. FoS has been very welcoming to me. And very helpful as well.

I have been trying to emote to all guildmates I see but still getting use to the game so please forgive me if it looks like I am ignoring you. But I do whisper a greeting. Very Happy

Background information: I like playing games.


Diablo I and II
Warcraft II and III
World of Warcraft - have a priest main there and some alts LOL
XCOM and all versions (cannot remember off the top of my head)
Some old console games
etc.. etc.. etc..

I am Canadian. I have been in my relationship for 16 years and no not married. I am planning a trip to Mexico in April. I like to read (almost anything except romances), play musical instruments and been using a personal trainer since August to punish me... errr tone me up. Laughing

Game wise, I like to raid or do instances. It is a great way to learn your class and to meet some new people in whatever game you play. And I love to meet people. I have met some guildmates from WOW in real life. It is great to see these people I have known for years in the flesh!!!! I also tend to be very silly and goofy.

Ok, this was a bit longer than I was going to post. Ops!!!
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Waves to all the members of FoS
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