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 Thank you for the Invite

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PostSubject: Thank you for the Invite   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:23 am

I guess it's customary to say a little about me.

I was orginally on from the preview weekend until October, when I left because of the buggy nature of the software. I was hoping they would get it right because it had incredible potential.

I have an 80 demo named Freud, which was my main in my old guild, Angels of Death (Guild management was a little too intense for me, by the way, and I didn't like how they interacted with other guilds...in case any of you remembers...it wasn't me No ). There were a lot of good people there though.

My first character was Styx, the DT, who I am currently playing (76 right now). He was renamed Thau after the server mergers. It has a very interesting and challenging playstyle.

I'm also slowly working on a Bear shaman, who is only 34 right now.

As far as games, my first computer games were on a 4K ram, .78 Mhz (yes, I have that right) RS color computer that I also used in graduate school (first hardware multiply generally available).

I did mostly FPS until WOW, which I played for 4+ years. I've also played Lotro for a while, and tried Warhammer for a month.

I swear I was born after the Age depicted in the game though, even though AARP keeps hitting on me to join (dam they are persistent).

I'm mostly PvE but would still like to try PvP (queues have been too long, I haven't even seen it yet) I also want to do some of those lower level instances I missed while rushing to level up Freud and Styx to support raiding and early keep defenses (which we didn't have to really do at the time, but didn't know it).

I have a fantastic wife and a son who plays his own characters on my account sometimes.

I play at pretty random times evenings and weekends, but can be somewhere at a set time with a little planning.

I'm happy to be here. Thanks again for the warm welcome.
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Thank you for the Invite
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