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 Hello, and here are some of my toons

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PostSubject: Hello, and here are some of my toons   Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:04 am

I just wanted to post the names of all or most of my toons somewhere.
My main is Orxayn (DT) However, he is currently and quickly being overshadowed by
Orxog(Barb). I stayed away from barb because I thought they would be bland and boring. How crap! Barbs are fun! I love the damage they deal.
Another "main" is Okoth (necro). However, if Thovox (demo) turns out to be an awesome nuker, then he'll be my main mage.
I am also Uelthorox (BS), but, again, I feel he is being overshadowed by Orxog the barbarian 8-D
Technically, I have a ranger named Korthaina, but, honestly, she's just a couple of blammo-shots, and that's all. Why why why dual-wield with her when I have Orxog?
I am also Kyrantha (ToS) and Volthara (HoX), but they are not in the guild yet. I am not sure when that will happen. Hox just doesn't impress me, and I still have to see if ToS isn't all zap-zap-zap, all of the time.
I had a guard...once. After 20 I deleted him. Sorry, guard fans. They're WAY too boring. And besides, the role they play, which is fine, comes with too much responsibility which kills the fun (for me, anyway).
I cannot play one toon for long. I have to switch from time to time because it gets way too boring clicking the same freakin' spells or powers over and over.
As a result I usually do "starter islands" over and over, toon after toon. In Guild Wars I lost count, but I might have had around 25 toons, or 30, in all over the years (11 slots, but so many deleted). In City of Heroes I had about 44 toons at the most. Full-blown alt-itis. Absolutely the best character creation system yet.
Well, as usual, I can be too long-winded. Something about email and forums makes me wanna keep chatting away Smile At some point, I might want to start a "gaming night", a night where I game with a group of guildies and we level our toons together, only on that night. No guild I have been a member of ever does this. But I'm not sure, we'll have to see.
P.S. where's the sig?? >.> <.<
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, and here are some of my toons   Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:40 pm

sounds like fun, if my schedule lets me in a bit over a month id be willing to join that group (play time is a bit jumpy now, play 24/7 one week then not at all the next)
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Hello, and here are some of my toons
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